September 25, 2013

My Favourite Season

It’s no secret that winter is my favourite season… mainly because of the best holiday ever – CHRISTMAS!! (less than 90 sleeps, people!!). In firm second is SUMMER and I always make sure to go on plenty of adventures. Here are my top 3 favourites… including photographic evidence!

Meeting 1D in London

Oh yes, this actually happened! I interviewed the world’s most famous five-some in a top secret location in London and then hung about the red carpet with some of their biggest fans! Cuties Niall and Harry were my favourite – Harry even gave me a bottle of his favourite cola drink to bring home! Was I star-struck? Only slightly!

Taking a bite of the Big Apple

My first trip to America was made even better when I bumped into Sean in New York City! We went on tons of adventures – hanging out in Central Park and visiting the Natural History Museum (yes, the one from Night at the Museum)! Don’t tell anyone but I’m pretty sure I caught a grizzly bear winking at me!!

Kitten Power

Isn’t this the cutest kitten ever?! It doesn’t have a name and I’m allowed to choose… will you guys help me?!

Diana x


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