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Insiders - Photography by Ruth Medjber

Jen is the biochemist of the group. Biochemistry is a mixture of biology and chemistry. This means that Jen is an expert on the chemical processes in and relating to living things.So not only can she tell you what’s going on with your body but also why it is happening!

And that’s why every episode features a visit to Jen’s Body Lab where she does everything from dissect an eye to showing Phil just how powerful his farts are!

Jen’s love of all things biological started at a young age when she took part in the BT Young Scientist competition and you can still find her spending time in her lab testing samples for her PhD.

Never scared of anything too gooey or gross, Jen is always ready to explain. So if you want to know something about anything chemical or bio based, the  person to ask is Jen!  Just don’t ask her to talk about atoms in a glass of water. She just won’t stop going on about it. Apparently there’s 8,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (8 septillion!!)!!


Insiders - Photography by Ruth Medjber

Sarah-Louise is a physicist and science communicator which means that she is super at solving tricky problems and explaining how she did it!

Sarah-Louise doesn’t just tell you about science though, she shows you. Her flair for an impressive demonstration is renowned as she has appeared on stage at The Festival of Curiosity and produced live shows at the BT Young Scientist.

Sarah-Louise has loved science since primary school when she scared her then teacher by boiling water in a paper cup – seriously clever! She has always enjoyed experimenting and figuring out how the world around us works.

There is one subject however that she loves more than anything else. It’s hard to imagine that anyone has ever been as excited as Sarah-Louise was when she went with Insiders to visit the Euro Space Centre. According to reliable sources, you could see Sarah-Louise’s smile from the International Space Station!


Insiders - Photography by Ruth Medjber

Phil loves all things weird and wonderful, especially if they involve an explosion of some kind!

He’s a physicist like Sarah-Louise but he’s also an engineer which might explain his (ahem) delicate skill, of taking things apart and then bodging new inventions together.

Happiest when he’s speeding on a rollercoaster or whizzing round a corner in a homemade go-kart, Phil likes to think of himself as an action man, as long as it has nothing to do with going on a ferris wheel. He’s scared stiff of them!

Phil loves working together with other people on cool projects and has even spent time with the European Space Agency. Plus he helped Jen out in her Body Lab by providing some “interesting” samples.

So if you want an award winning scientist to help build a cool experiment that’ll either go fast, blow up or create a nasty smell, then Phil’s the man to talk to!


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