March 10, 2014

World Book Day Competition Winners

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our World Book Day Competition, we got so many entries we decided to pick an overall winner and some runners-up who will each receive some books and news2day goodies!



The overall winner is Sophie Ormsby whose favourite book is Diamond by Jacqueline Wilson. She sent us this email: My favorite book is Diamond by Jacqueline Wilson. I love this book because it’s about a little girl called Ellen-Jane and when she was about 6 or 7 her mam died after her 6th child. I am not going to tell you ALL about it because you might read it someday! It was quite sad but I really loved it and I’d love to win your competition but I also wanted to tell you about Diamond.

The other winners are:

Ódhran Behan: My favourite book is Shoot To Win. It is all about a boy called Jamie who is soccer mad. He lives in England. He is always a sub for his team but gets his chance in the final. His team end up losing the match, but in the end he gets a trial for a big club nearby. I like the book because it is sad and exciting in parts. Please pick me and thank you for reading this.

Monika and Suraj Kumar:

Monika: Favourite book : Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson. Why: I like this book because I like the way the mom loves her children but her husband dies and if she has no man in the house she becomes a zombie woman so her biggest daughter tells her to go to a pub and spend some times so she goes but there she meets a man called Gordon and she goes to him everyday and one day she goes on her holiday and leaves all her 4 children alone in the house with Lily in charge so the thing I like that they way Lily keeps all the children home and keeps them safe until their mom comes home.

Suraj: My favourite book is super cars because they have very cool cars in it. You need to pull the doors up, then the doors go up, they are so expensive and there are more cool types of cars too.

Emma Hanratty: My favourite book is “Gangsta Granny” by David Walliams. I LOVE Gangsta Granny because people don’t expect ordinary normal grannys to be gangsters!! One of the best books I have ever read!

And Ailbhe O’Connell: My favorite book is Gangsta Granny by David Williams because it is so funny but a bit sad. I really like the book I would read it over again. It would be cool if my granny was a gangsta!


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