December 15, 2015

First Doll in Space Blasts Off!

It was lift off this morning as a UK astronaut heads for the International Space Station for the first time.

It was a successful launch, and the rocket is now en route to join the rest of the crew on the station.

Space4 Once they arrive, Tim Peake and his team will work on science experiments and make sure all the station’s equipment is in proper working order.

At 11am the Russian rocket launched from Kazakhstan, after weeks of preparation.

UK astronaut Tim Peake is headed for the International Space Station, and will become the first British astronaut to join the crew up there.

The journey is set to last 6 hours, which means Major Peake and the 2 other crew members should be arriving shortly.

Peake also has another friend to keep him company on his trip.


He’s bringing the very first doll into Space. The Irish made Stargazer Lotti Doll was designed by six year old Abigail – who loves astronomy.

The crew – and Lotti doll, are travelling in a tiny Soyuz TMA space capsule, only about seven feet long.

It’s a six month mission once they get there, which means Christmas will be spent on the International SpaceStation.

Peake says he’s looking forward to tucking into his Christmas pudding, which has already been sent into space – ahead of his arrival!


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