September 8, 2017

Question of the Week: Answers!

Thank you all for your answers to our ‘Question of the Week’! You’ll find all answers that we received below:

I’m in fourth class this year it is a bit different because we are the older ones in the classroom my two sisters have started secondary school so I’m on my own it’s a bit different but at least I have my friends

Eimear Coghlan


I’m glad I’m back in school because I can see all my friends. My new teacher is called Ms. Reidy. She is very nice. I’m almost back a full week now.

One of the really good things about Ms. Reidy is that she doesn’t give much homework. Some very good news is that Junior and Senior infants got a new playground. Every day is pretty much the same now I’m back. My favourite days are Thursday and Friday because we have P.E on a Thursday and Friday we get golden time.

Riaghan Murphy – Bennekerry N.S, Carlow

I like school a bit more than I thought I would. My teacher, Ms. Reidy is a bit like Donald Trump. When she says she’ll do something she usually does it! She’s a lot nicer than Donald Trump though!!

I honestly thought that the work in 5th class would be harder but it’s the complete opposite of impossible. It’s quite simple. Except the maths. The maths is quite tricky.

Every year I say I’m going to try super duper hard. I’m gonna make sure its neat, my box, my writing etc etc. but it never works out. This year I think I have tried harder. I think its neater aswell. It’s a pity this is an email and not a letter, then you could see my letter.

Alannah O’Dwyer – Bennekerry N.S, Carlow

I was looking forward to seeing all of my friends but not really the work bit but I was excited to see what our new principal would be like, she is really nice.

We have a new teacher as well called Ms. Reidy, she is nice. We haven’t done that much work but that is a good thing. I need to get my brain back up and running.

I needed a routine again because I was all over the place and eating loads of sweets which wasn’t too good because school takes up most of the day so I don’t have time to eat sweets.

Clodagh Mahon – Bennekerry N.S, Carlow

I didn’t like going back to school. Sure lots of adults are saying “ you must be super bored without a plan for most days and you’ll be happy to see your friends”

Yes I am happy to see my friends but the summer was so much fun. Also it went really fast. Like one minute I was waking up on a Monday in July and then the next I was getting ready for school.

I hate the saying “time flies when you’re having fun” because it always does! Could time go slow for once!! My Mam said that this was the first time I argues about going back to school. It was probably because it was one of the best summers ever.

Marc Mulhall – Bennekerry N.S, Carlow


Hi my name is Danny marks i feel good for going back to school becouse i get to see my friends and learn new things 🏫 #i love your shows


Hi News2day,

I’m Fionn Dankert from Galway Educate Together National School and I want to say that my first week back has been amazing. My new teacher Barry is the best teacher in the universe – ever!!!!!! And!, we just learned today that we won’t have any homework until Christmas! So we have the best school in the world ever too. And did I say the best teacher? Barry.

Hope you read this out. We watch the news2day every day at school.

Slán from Gaillimh!



Here’s some replies from Ms. Smyth’s third class in St. Paul’s NS Ratoath


I like school because I have a new friend and a new teacher called Ms. Ní Dhuinnín. I am in a new class this year. I am in 3rd class. I love school because it is fun.

Shane Dobson 3rd class CBS Primary School Charleville Co. Cork

I have just moved to Charleville CBS Primary school. It is really good so far. I have a new teacher called Ms. Ní Dhuinnín. I have got new friends.

David O’ Brien 3rd class CBS Primary School Charleville Co. Cork


Hi News2Day

We are in 3rd class in room 8 in St. Ronan’s in Clondalkin.

We are happy to be back in school because we have lots of new things to learn especially in Science and Maths. We get to meet up with all of our friends again and our new teacher is really nice.

We watch News2Day everyday when we are eating our lunch.

We will email you again soon.

Ms. Hassett’s 3rd class

St. Ronan’s


Hey Tommy i can’t believe that I’m emailing you anyway. It is pretty good being back at school. I have a new teacher called Mrs Brown. We haven’t learned anything new yet. I like being able to see my friends again. What was it like in school for you? anyway Tommorrows Friday my favourite day of the week. bye👋.From Daniel Gallagher St Joseph’s National School Templerainey.


Hi Tommy

 i im happy to be back  at  school.  i get to see  my old  Friends  and make

New Friends in my New class from Aaron obrien

st  Josephs Templerainey


Hi Tommy I am glad to be back at school and seeing all my friends again

From Caitlin Murphy

St Josephs National school Templerainey Arklow Co Wicklow


Hi Tommy

I feel great being back at school to see

all my old friends and teachers

work is still hard but it is still

great from Patrick Kehoe from st Josephs TempleraineyNatiomal School

Arklow co Wicklow


Here’s some answers we received from Mr.Bridges Class in Our Lady of Fatima Special School, Wexford:

Its a lot different to the Selskar Collage in wexford town its a good school but we don’t get a lot of home work then the tech in Wexford town.

By:Eric Sean Gregory Woods

I like to go back to school.I like to see my friends

By: Tyler Murphy

I feel good to be back at school because its alot different than scoil mhuire coolcotts i think secondary school is grand and ok and sometimes its cooler than primary school its good to be in school again.i feel welcomed and happy.

I made some new friends who are really nice everyone here is really nice. I love school so much

By Lili o Brien Dobbs

School is good. l am happy.

I like going swimming.

I am happy Mr. Bridges is my teacher


What do you think about being back at school?

I like school because I love seeing my friends because they are awesome. I also like the staff because they are sweet and supportive. The work is better than my old school that is why I love school.

By Darragh Moran

What do think about being back to school?

I love my school. Mr bridges is the best. I was in my old school. But this school is better.

By Kevin Kinsella

What do you think about being back at school.

I love being back at school. I made new friends. I am in a new class. It is fun being back at school. My teacher is really organised. He has everything planed.

By Kyle Thornton.

I like being back at school because I have started in a new school. It’s a fun school. My teacher is called Mr. Bridges.

By Jenny Keeling

I think its good being back at school. I have a new class and a new class teacher. My teacher is Mr Bridges.

It is awesome being at school because I have 4 new friends. I am happy being at school.

By David Brown

I love being back to school because I missed my friends and I get to play wirh them. I also love doing maths and art and later in the year we get to do violin lessons in school.

From Rachel Coghlan


Hi Tommy and Zainab,

We love watching the News 2day everyday in school. We think that Zainab is doing a super job and we wish her the best of luck in News 2day. We heard your question asking us how we feel about being back at school and we wanted to tell you ……….

We are delighted to be back at school!!!!!! We are in 6th class, Rm 18 in Presentation Primary School in Drogheda. We are so happy to be back with our friends. We have so much to look forward to this year. We are making our Confirmation and are getting ready for first year 🙂

We would LOVE if you could mention us on the News as we watch it everyday.

Lots of love,

Ms. Lynch and the 32 girls in Rm 18.

(P.S Tommy you’re doing a great job too 🙂


Hi news2day team,

Ms. O’Driscoll’s 1st Class in Sacred Heart Junior school in Killinarden, Tallaght here! We wanted to let you know that we watch news2day in school everyday. We love the show and we love being back in school.

We are delighted to be back learning new things and seeing all our friends again. We love that we are back doing lots of hard work and great art!

Keep up the hard work,

Ms. O’Driscoll’s 1st Class!


Here’s the reply that we received from Bigstone N.S, Carlow:

We are a two teacher school in Co. Carlow. There are only six children in the senior room and the third class pupils are being taught by the principal for the first time, so third class are really excited. We have a new staff room so we are looking forward to cooking Pancakes on Pancake Tuesday already!

We are looking forward to some events such as Science Day with experiments, Cross Country in September in St Laurence O’ Toole’s Athletic Club and our annual Christmas Concert and Halloween games.

We have a new Religion Programme called Grow in Love. We are looking forward to new beginnings here in Bigstone N.S. and we are excited about our new reward chart. We have a tennis coach Mr Brian Farrell coming in to teach us some serves, forehand and the backhand. We will play games such as Bomb, Graveyard, Sick Dying Dead and King of the Ring. We dress up for World Book Day.

Our teacher Ms Mary Henry is from Sligo and knows Louise the weather lady so we have a special interest in the weather forecast each day. We watch news2day daily. Keep up the good work Louise!

Good times ahead for us here at Bigstone N.S. Check out our rackets!

From Conor Flanagan, Adam Kelly, Aoife Kavanagh, Aimee Kelly, John Nolan and Katie Nolan


Hello My name is Emmet Cassidy and here is my answer for question of the week!

I am so happy to be back at school because I love working and I love seeing my friends!

I am in 5th Class now!



Emmet Cassidy


Hi everyone at news2day.

We go to Holywell ETNS, in Swords, we are in Craobh ASD class.

We are very happy to be back to school because we get to see our friends.

Thank you for reading our email.

Adam, Adam, Maddox, Dylan, Dylan and Paulina!!!


I started secondary school and it’s actually easy enough i like that i change classes its fun i want to say to anybody starting secondary that not to be scared but to look forward to it

Luke Sheahan


Dear Tommy,

We are in Seomra Fionnuala in Enable Ireland Sandymount School. We are glad to be back at school, here are some of the reasons why:

To see our friends,

To learn new things

Thomas is happy to do maths and use YouTube

Alan wants to learn more about animals

Nira is looking forward to swimming and cookery class

Thank you

Teacher Clare and the pupils in Seomra Fionnuala


My name is Alican Erdem I am 16 years old, I will be 17 in 11th of march

I go to school in St Michaels in chapelizod ( Special in need )

I started that school when I was 13 years old, and I am back to school First of September

I feel quite bored to be back in school but same time I like it




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