October 27, 2017

What’s your favourite thing about Halloween? ANSWERS

Thank you all for your answers to our ‘Question of the Week’ – What’s your favourite thing about Halloween? You’ll find all answers that we received below:

Caoimhe Mcdaid, Scoil Bride, Kill Co. Kildare

My favorite thing about Halloween is dressing up and getting sweets



I like watching you tube channels such as Dantdm and Stampy because they always do Halloween specials and i like to dress up my minecraft  and roblox avatar.


Ava Dunne

I am Ava Dunne from st Mary’s national school sandy ford I think Halloween is a good time of year because you can spend time with your family and have fun and no one cares what you look like.



My favourite thing about Halloween is that you can go trick or treating with your friend, family and also because you can spook your friend!!


John age 8 and Ella age 9 

My favorite part about Halloween is dressing up and trick or treating with my friends.


From 1st and 2nd class Rathmore NS, Athboy

  • I love dressing-up. Carmel, Barry, Bláthnaid, Áine M. And Áine B.
  • I love getting sweets from people. Rebecca, Harry, Barry
  • I love having Halloween parties and going to look at bonfires. Jamie F.
  • I like giving people heart attacks! Jamie G and Owen
  • I love going trick or treating with everyone. Chloe
  • I love going over to my cousin’s house. Sarah
  • I love going to the special Halloween event at Causey Farm. Oisín
  • I love going to Nana and Grandad’s house to watch fireworks. Bella


Grade 4 students at Verdala International School in Malta 

“My favourite thing about Halloween is spending time with my family and dressong up” – Sophie

“My favourite thing about Halloween is dressing up and eating candy. I like dressing up because Halloween wouldn’t be the same without it. I like candy because it’s yummy” -Kolsen

“My favourite thing about Halloween is dressing up because it’s fun” -Walah

“I like Halloween because you get candy and other people scare you!” -Evine

“I love scaring people, candy and dressing up” – Charlotte

“My favourite thing about Halloween is getting candy, dressing up and scaring people” -Noa

“I love to play games because you can have fun with family and friends” -Ellie

“I like Halloween because it is fun and scary and when I trick or treat I spend time with my friends” -Anna

“I like trick or treating and the tunnel of terror at our school. I like being with my friends and with my grandma’s dog but most of all being with my family” – Jonathan

“For me, I love to trick or treat and of course dress up! It’s fun going around with your friends and having sweets but I like dressing up because it shows creativity. I think you don’t have to be scary, just be you!” – Grace

“I like Halloween because you spend time with friends” – Charlie


Ms Moynihan’s 4th class Kill Co Kilare

We like being off school for Halloween, Halloween party games , fireworks, dressing up, having fun with our friends and families and going tick or treating. We quite like all the treats too!


5th class, Gorey Educate Together 

Eating all our sweets, dressing up, Halloween games, no school for a week, scaring people, watching fireworks and going trick or treating with our friends!


5th and 6th class in Scoil Naoimh Pio Knockcommon

We are most excited about having no school over the Haloween Holidays!

We watch the news everyday and love it!

Scoil Chroí Naofa, Belclare, Tuam, Co Galway

The children in 2nd Class in Scoil Chroí Naofa, Belclare, Tuam, Co Galway love Halloween especially The Halloween Games like “Bobbing for Apples” and also Dressing up as Monsters and Ghosts.

They love the daily news on News2day.


Ms McGuirk’s 5th Class, Rutland NS, Dublin 

We love trick’r’treating and eating all the sweets we get.

We also love to dress up and look at other people’s costumes (this gives us good ideas for next year!).

Some of us enjoy watching scary movies and others like to go to the local bonfire and firework displays in Dublin 1.


Dashing Doritos, 4th class, scoil Bride, kill co. Kilare

Charlotte McDaid

Our favorite thing about Halloween is scaring people, eating sweets, playing Halloween  games, watching fireworks and bonfires.

Derec Mooney

Our favourite things to do at Halloween are scarring people,getting sweets,the party games and bonfires.

Alex  Brennan, 3rd Class Saint annes national School, Shankill

At Halloween I love getting dressed up and collecting goodies with my sister.   Me and my family watch the fireworks for a little while and then the we all sit and watch a movie.


Niamh McLaughlin

Hello I am Niamh Mc Laughlin and I go to Glenswilly N.S and I would like to answer this question of the week what your favourite thing about Halloween?

my favourite thing about Halloween is when I get to dess up at school and have parties.

Thank you


Leah, Scoil Mhāirtīn Kilworth 5th class

Hi! This is an answer to the question of the week.

I like Halloween because I get a week off school,I go trick or treating,I love dressing up lm being a zombie apocalyps prom girl thats turning into a zombie we have a halloween disco and I get to …………… SCARE PEOPLE AND SUrprise people.


Elodie & Isaac

Elodie ( 6years old): Having fun

Isaac (7years old): making the costumes and going trick or treating with our friends and dressing up in school.


Iona Power Vendrell, 2nd Class 
Waterford Educate Together

My favourite thing about Halloween is you get a lot of sweets and dressing up for Halloween and going to my friend’s house it’s so fun we go to cork to Trabolgan.


Emmet Cassidy

My Favourite thing about Halloween is playing games, trick or treating and dressing up.

I also love the atmosphere and the sound of fireworks.

Every year, me and my friends (with adult supervision) light sparkles!

This year I am dressing up as an emoji.


Carrigallen N.S Co. Leitrim

“I like Halloween because we get sweets and get to scare people. I also like giving sweets away to make others happy”

Kuba at Carrigallen N.S Co. Leitrim

“Halloween is a spooky time of the year. I like trick or treating as well because its the one time of the year you can eat a lot of sweets”

Aoibhinn at Carrigallen N.S Co Leitrim

“My favourite thing about Halloween is the party that is held every year in the hall. My mammy host the party. We dance, play games and hang out. Its great fun and I’ve been going since I’ve been little”

Amy at Carrigallen N.S Co.Leitrim

“My favourite thing about Halloween is that you can trick or treat and have a party with family. I really enjoy that”

Jack at Carrigallen N.S Co. Leitrim


5th class St Aidans Enniscorthy Co. Wexford

  1. sweets
  2. dressing up

3.playing games

4.pranking people- making caramel onions instead of apples

5.trick or treating

6.reading scary stories /watching scary movies



9.halloween disco/parties


These are all our fav things about Halloween.

 4th Class

Some of our favourite things about Halloween are:

  1. Carving pumpkins and decorating our houses
  2. Playing spooky games
  3. Dressing up and Trick or Treating
  4. Bonfires and Fireworks
  5. Halloween songs and stories
  6. Scary Movies
  7. The many different Halloween traditions

But our favourite thing of all is…………. Our Awesome Halloween DISCO in the school hall this Friday. 🙂


St.Brigid’s National School Greystones

Our favourite thing about celebrating Halloween is how it is celebrated

– at home,

– in school (St.Brigid’s National School Greystones)

– and in our neighbourhood of Greystones.

– At home we decorate our houses, have a supply of sweets for the strange callers to our door and we dress up and go ‘Trick or Treating’.

– This year in school all the classes from Junior Infants to Sixth are going to dress up. The teachers will dress up too even our principal Mrs. Costello.

Sixth Class are running a Halloween Bake Sale to raise money for a defibrillator for the school.

Our wonderful Parents Association will help with this. They have also decorated the school so that it looks really spooky. We are not sure which we prefer the witch at the front door or the pumpkin head ghoul in the vegetable patch.

– We are not quite sure what we think of what is happening in our neighbourhood, but our parents think it is a good idea. If you call to Lucey’s Dental at the Meridian Point in Greystones on Wednesday 1st November 10-12 pm and 3-5 pm you can exchange a pound of candy for a euro. A maximum of three pounds of candy will be exchanged. This is in aid of the Shoebox Appeal for Chernobyl Children. We think the best of the sweets must be going in the shoeboxes. Lisa Lucey the dentist says ‘Save those teeth. Ditch those sweets’.

Wishing everyone at News2Day a very happy Halloween. We enjoyed the pieces you did recently on Halloween safety and care of our pets on Halloween.

Remember don’t eat too many sweets 😉

3rd Class Room 14,

(Ms.Beausang’s class)


3rd & 4th class, St. Joseph’s National School, Shrule, Co. Mayo

Some of our favourite things to do at Hallow’een are dressing up, eating sweets, trick or treating, scaring people, playing Hallow’een games and watching spooky Hallow’een movies. One of the boys in our class Steven was born on Hallow’een.


Saint Finian’s 4th Class

As well as getting sweets at Halloween, Saint Finian’s 4th class also love watching fireworks, getting dressed up into costumes, scaring people, going to Lavender Town, making cool pumpkins and seeing and putting up all sorts of scary decorations in the house! We also think bonfires look really cool.

We love watching your show, it’s our favourite news show and it would make this the best Halloween ever if you read out our favourites on the show!

Thanks so much!


Ms Conways Third Class, St Conleth and Mary’s, Newbridge

Dear News2day, In our class we chatted about our favourite things to do at Halloween. Here is a list of our favourite activities.

  1. Trick or treating

2  Playing Halloween games

  1. Spending time with family
  2. Dressing up
  3. Eating Candy

6.Watching fireworks

We hope everyone has a safe Halloween.


St. Malachy’s B.N.S. 

Eoin Flores Leslie, 5th Class

My favourite thing to do on Halloween is go trick or treating and watching a scary movie with my friends.

Daragh Buckly

My favourite thing to do at Halloween is to trick or treat with my friends around my area.  I also like to watch the firework display in the park behind my school.

Raul Smith

What I like to do on Halloween is tell scary stories, collect candy with my friends and play hide and seek.

4th Class in Castleconnell NS, Co. Limerick

Our favourite things to do at Hallowe’en are dressing up, carving pumpkins and meeting up with friends and family during the Mid-Term break.

Marcus Alice Aisling Conor Courtney Sean Ryan Cian Ryan Denis Kristen Morgan

Maire Arthur Aisling Margaret

CRC answers are:

Getting sweets.

Days off school to relax.

Like dressing up and spending time with family.

Watching fireworks.

Looking at other people’s costumes.

Scary Halloween decorations on houses.

Leaving the country and going on holidays.

More time looking after pets.

More time to go to the gym.

Trick or treating.

Halloween games/parties.


Treasa Davey

My class (Ms Davey’s 3rd class) in The Harold School in Glasthule in Dublin during Hallowe’en love to:

  • eat sweets
  • spend time trick or treating or on Hallowe’en sleepovers
  • have no school for the week
  • watch fireworks
  • scare people
  • bake Hallowe’en treats
  • walk like a zombie
  • fly to the shops

The class really enjoy your news so we’d love it if you’d read it out!


Jamie Walsh

My name is Jamie Walsh.  I am 9 years old and I live in Garryvoe, Co. Cork.  I am just replying to you about the Question Of The Week.  My favourite thing about Halloween 🎃is dressing up in my costume, decorating the house with scary decorations and going trick or treating with my sister and my cousin.

Hope ye have a great Halloween 🎃. Love the show!!


St. James’s Primary School


My favourite thing is dressing up in school for the school disco.


My favourite thing for the halloween is going to cavan with fouintain youth project


Senior Room pupils, Cloughfin National School, Lifford, Co. Donegal

Our favourite thing about Halloween is dressing up in our costumes for school on the Friday before Halloween. It is a tradition in our school. We dress up, play Halloween games, have a disco and have a “spooktacular” time! 🎃 Here are some photos from last year.


 Miss Leo’s First Class, Scoil Padre Pio, Churchfield, Cork City

  • we love going trick or treating
  • eating candy
  • going to the Halloween festival on Shandon Street
  • scaring people
  • carving pumpkins
  • dressing up
  • decorating the house
  • eating pumpkin pie
  • watching fireworks
  • sharing candy with our friends


Bofield NS

Dressing up to scare your friends and collecting sweets when we Trick or Treat.


Norma O’Brien

I like the Halloween disco and dressing up at school to scare my friends



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