March 20, 2018

What’s happening in Syria?

Now a place we often hear spoken about in the news is Syria. A war has been taking place there since 2011. Here’s a look at what’s happening there and why:

7 years ago a group of 15 young boys wrote messages on their school walls criticising their government.

Something which is not allowed in Syria.

And so those children were arrested, and held in jail cells, where they were badly treated, and police used violence against them.

The treatment of these young boys made many people angry and peaceful protests were held.

These protests angered the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, who tried to end those protests by sending in police, and the army.

Heavy violence broke out, and people were killed.

Since then, Syria has slipped into Civil War.

Which is a war between people in the same country.

Many different groups are involved, many share a goal to remove Bashar Al Assad, but they disagree on other matters, like religion.

Some people however support Assad, and then another group involved call themselves Islamic State. They’re terrorists, they’re very violent and hold extreme religious views.

They’re also responsible for terror attacks around the world.

They’ve managed to take over several parts of Syria, which has allowed them gather money and weapons.

All this fighting has made Syria a dangerous place, since 2011 more than 5 million people have left.

They’re called refugees, and some have made dangerous journeys to neighbouring countries and to Europe to secure a better life.

Some have also arrived in Ireland.

Today life in Syria remains extremely dangourous.

Since the beginning of the war, almost half a million people have been killed, some of them children.

And half the country’s population have left their homes.

President Assad Remains in Power, supported by Russia, but the United States wants him removed.

There are many other countries involved too.

7 years since this war began, the chaos has only grown, with no sign of the fighting ending any time soon.

People continue to leave, in the hope that they can reach safety and start a new life elsewhere.


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