April 7, 2021

News2day Pandemic Postcards

Covid-19 has had a direct impact on most of the world’s children, affecting almost 1.5 billion of them. Schools have been closed in almost 190 countries at different times, according to the UN.

The pandemic has had varying effects in different countries across the world.

After Christmas, RTÉ’s news programme for children, news2day brought us around the globe as part of our their series Pandemic Postcards as children in different countries described exactly how the pandemic has affected them.

First was Madina Chen who is from Hsinchu, Taiwan in East Asia.

In Belgium, 11-year-old Aidan Hodson-Brain told news2day how the pandemic is affecting him.

Children all over the world took part in the series. Some were Irish children abroad, or children of Irish expats. Others, like Amelia in Rome, Italy were born and bred in the country.

Even life for our neareast neighbours in the United Kingdowm has differed greatly to ours during the pandemic, as Jessica in Manchester outlined.

News2day also said Guten Tag to Mia Synnott Kempf in Frankfurt Germany.

In España they said Hola to Olivia O’Dowd in León.

On the other side of the planet, Dallan and Eve Corcoran in Perth Western Australia described what Covid-19 has meant for them.

Ellianne Chapman described what life is like in France.

Also as part of the series, Layla Lynch in Boston USA described how she was fearful for the reopening of some services as case number rose there.

Marcas Bellingham in Santiago, Chile has similar concerns.

In Nigeria, Esther Okoro in Abuja City described how most services were halted.

News2day said Konnichiwa to Daisuke and his siter Sae Kondo, in Kyoto, Japan as they described the lockdown there.


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