Teachers’ Notes

Here are some great ways to use news2day in the classroom. Here are some sample activities for Newsroom Lesson Plans.

  • Pick one famous or important person mentioned in the show (eg. Nelson Mandela, Enda Kenny) and use the internet to find out more about them. Print out their picture and write a paragraph about them underneath, so other students can learn about the person you chose. (English, History, Project work)
  • Dramatise the news by hosting your own version of news2day in the classroom. Some students can be presenters and learn short lines of script while others can be reporters coming “live from the scene” with all the details. Other students can act out the news. (English, Drama)
  • Write down some of the big words that you didn’t understand and find them in the dictionary. Next time you hear them on the show you’ll know exactly what they mean! (English vocabulary)
  • Pretend you were the person at the centre of one of the news stories! Use your imagination to tell the class how you came to be on the news and some background to the story. (Oral English, Drama)
  • Debate a big issue from the programme. Pick two teams to argue a motion based on a news2day story. For example, “30 million euro is money well spent for a good striker”. (Oral English)
  • Name the Irish counties and towns mentioned on the show and find them on the map. Then find all the countries mentioned and name their capitals. (Geography)

Suggested Classroom Projects

  • How-to guide for producing bulletins in-class with sample scripts.
  • Vocabulary guides with terms often used in the news.
  • Videos about putting together news stories.

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