November 22, 2013

Spinning Eggs

  1. Take a hard boiled and a raw egg.
  2. Place them on separate plates.
  3. Start the eggs spinning.
  4. The egg that spins for the longest time is the hard boiled egg.
  5. Now start the raw egg spinning.
  6. Touch it lightly with your finger to stop it spinning
  7. Take your finger away quickly. The egg should start spinning again.
  8. Why? The shell of the egg actually stops spinning but the inside (yolk and egg white) keeps spinning. Because the raw egg is liquid, it makes the egg start to spin again. This force is called inertia.
  9. 9 Now place the hard boiled egg on a plate and start it spinning.
  10. Touch it lightly to stop it spinning.
  11. Once the egg stops spinning take your finger away.
  12. The egg stops because the inside contents of the egg are a solid mass.

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