RTÉ Concert Orchestra!

Did you know that you can experience LIVE MUSIC at the movies with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra!?

You can watch the likes of Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings and Bugs Bunny as the RTÉ Concert Orchestra performs the sound track.

So an orchestra is not just about Beethoven or Mozart! Though there’s lots of classical music too for you to enjoy.

Being in an Orchestra is like being part of a family! Each musician has a special job to do to create the wonderful sound that you hear when they play. They each sit in a certain section of the orchestra, depending on the instrument they play.

String, brass, woodwind and percussion are the four sections of the orchestra.

String instruments are (yes, you’ve guessed it!) instruments that have strings! Examples are violins, violas, cellos and double basses.

The woodwind section is made up of instruments like flutes, bassoons, oboes and clarinets.

Horns, saxophones, trombones and trumpets (all the loud ones) belong to the brass section.

Finally, if you can bang on it and it makes noise, it’s probably in the percussion section which holds all kinds of drums, cymbals, triangles and more!

In front of all of the players, waving that stick called a baton, is the conductor. He is the ear of the orchestra. As he reads the music in front of him he guides each player, making sure that everyone stays in time and that all of the instruments can be heard when they should be.

Click for more information on performances: http://www.rte.ie/orchestras/rteconcertorchestra/


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